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Zen Morsels

A nibblet of wisdom, and not too filling!

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If you're wondering what this community's about, I'll tell you:
Every so often, I'll be posting a snippet of literature, koans, or maybe some pics that relate to Zen or Buddhism in general.
That's it. Comments and questions are totally welcome, and I hope everyone has a good time and stuff.

Links to other sites of interest:

Ohio-born Punkrock Writer and Zen Priest blog:
bodhisattvas community (bodhissattva is another name for Buddha)
buddhists community
daily_zen community similiar to this one (they originated first, if that has any bearing on matters)
dhammapada dead community, but still, it's archive is worth looking through if you're interested in the subject of buddhist thought.
nonduality community. Very very good.